The German Wirehaired Pointers of Schwarzwald Kennels


VC Schwarzwald’s Laconic Eve
Breeding Female
VC Schwarzwald's Laconic Eve NAVHDA Characteristics
VC Schwarzwald’s Laconic Eve
Dob. November 25, 2020
Coat: Dense/Harsh
Color: Black Roan
Weight:  53lbs
Excellent Temperament
Eyes Normal
Teeth Normal
Owner:  Lucille M Hough
Navhda NA-110pts. Pz#1
Navhda UT-204pts. Pz#1
Navhda Invitational 200pts. PASS

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VC Thunderhill’s True Grit
Available Stud

Thunderhill's True Grit
VC Thunderhill’s True Grit
Dob. Aug. 19, 2020
Coat: Dense/Med
Teeth Normal
Excellent Temperament
Color: Liver Roan 
Weight: 64lbs
Owner:  Bryan Stoffer  PH# (330) 806-3824
Navhda UT 201pts. Prize 1
Navhda Invitational 184pts. PASS
VC Schwarzwald’s Long Journey Home “Lucy”
Breeding Female.
Schwarzwald's Long Journey Home "Lucy"

dob. March 29, 2019
Coat Liver Roan Dense/Harsh
bite/teeth all normal
Penn Hip# (.31/.34)
Thyroid Panel-Michigan State Univ.Excellent Temperament
Weight: 55.4lb
Owner: Kyle T Hough

• Navhda Utility Prize 1, 201pts (at 17mos. of age)
• Invitational Pass 200 pts

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VC Thunderhill’s Hardwire “Hank”
Available Stud
 Hank available stud

NAVHDA# GW- 011514
Coat: liver roan dense/harsh coat
DOB: 4 July 2018
Bite/Teeth: Normal
Penn Hip: # 48185 .37/.34
Excellent Temperament
Weight 55.7lb
Owner: Jeffrey Paulus  218-590-9475

• Utility Test:204 Prize #1
• Invitational Pass 197 pts
• VDHF PE Score 206 pts

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VC Schwarzwalds Apple Jack MH “Jack”
Frozen Semen Available
Jack available for stud Characteristics:
NAVHDA# 6051
AKC# SR45371801
Whelped: Sept 17, 2005
Coat: Dense & Medium Harsh
Teeth normal/bite normal
Excellent Temperament
80lbs /Sturdy
• Natural Ability Test: 108 prize 1 at 8 mos. of age-  1st try
• Utility Test: 204 prize 1 at 1yr. 11mos- 1st try
• Versatile Champion: 200pts. at 2yrs. 11 mos-1st try
• AKC Master Hunter: 2yrs. old-mastered 6 of 7.

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Jack’s father, grandfather, and great grandfather are all VC’s.  Jack has extreme intensity whether on point or backing and is extremely intelligent and most of all cooperative.  Jack has always been an early over achiever, making training look easy and testing well.  He also has great cooperation in his search, searching closer in grouse cover and big on prairie.  Jack hunts all over North America and has mastered hunting Sharptail grouse, pheasants, ruffed grouse, wood cock, ducks in saltwater and freshwater and Canadian goose hunting from boat and ground blind. Jack is often used for tracking and has an unusual ability to recover game even when tracks are old and beyond 300 yards.
Jack is available to stud to approved dams. Contact us for more information.
VC Thunderhills Flint
Frozen Semen AvailableGerman Wirehaired Pointer, VC Thunderhill's Flint, Available stud

NAVHDA# GW-008829
Whelped: March 20, 2013
Coat: Dense/Harsh
Black Roan
Flints CHIC# 122412
Excellent Temperament
Owner: Jeff Paulus (218) 590-9475

• NA 108 pts. prize 2
• UT 204 pts. prize 1
• Invitational – PASS 192 pts
• VHDF Score AHAE182 pts
• VHDF Score PE196 pts

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Schwarzwald’s Lots of Fun at Finnegans Wake
Approved stud for breeding

Call Name “Finn”
Color: black roan
Coat Rating:  Dense/Harsh
Weight: 60lbs
Dob:  25 Nov 2020
Owner:  Sean Scanlon
Thyroid Panel: Michigan State University: Normal
Penn Hip:  .27/32
Teeth/Bite:  Good/Normal


• Navhda NA prize 1, 112pts.
• Versatile Hunting Dog Federation AHAE, 168 pts

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VC Schwarzwald’s Hand of King’s”
.Available Stud
Schwarzwald's Hand Full of Kings

Call Name “King”
Navhda # GW-10582
Owner: Jerry R Westerholm
Coat: Dense/Medium
Bite Normal
Color: Liver Roan
Excellent Temperament
Penn Hip: .23/.25
Thyroid Normal
Teeth Normal
Weight: 62lbs

• Natural Ability Test: 106 prize# 2
• UT Test: 198 prize# 1
• Invitational Pass 195 pts

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Schwarzwald’s Lady Young Guns
Breeding Female

Call Name “Billy”
Dob. November 25, 2020
Color: Liver Roan
Weight: 47lbs
Excellent Temperament
Eyes – Okay
Teeth – Okay
Coat – Dense/Medium
Owner Thomas H Rogers, III

• Navhda NA 112pts Pz#1
• VHDF AHAE 177pts.

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