Our kennel no longer applies for breeders awards. Even though our litters qualify for these awards we do not feel its necessary for spayed/neutered dogs within the qualifying litter to be forced into X-rays for the sole purpose of our kennel  to receive an award. Our breeding dogs already go through all the requirements and more.

Breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers

At Schwarzwald Kennels, we firmly believe in only matching the highest quality dogs to continue our line of champion German wire-haired pointers. In order to maintain the premier genetic pool of our dog line and only use dogs that meet our high quality standards.

Much due diligence is built into our breeding process and all breedings are done within full compliance of the German Wirehaired Alliance Standard. Intelligence, natural ability, cooperation, and demeanor (both in the field and in the home) are key components of our research. We are not limited to finding matches domestically and have matched studs from both Germany and Czechoslovakia.

We have breedings scheduled in the future so if you are interested please check later by emailing us at kyle@schwarzwaldkennels.com to inquire about future availability.

All of males are available to stud to approved dams. Contact us at kyle@schwarzwaldkennels.com for more information.

German Wirehaired Pointer, mom and puppy asleep on bed carleigh-litter-motorcycle
German Wirehaired Pointer Puppy

M Litter Puppy

German Wirehaired Pointer sleeping puppies